Passing the black and white tower, that’s where you feel the shift. That’s when you realize that the hum your body has been sensing for the past hour – it’s magic. It’s here. You know it. It. Knows…you.

How did we forget?

You can’t quite see it yet but you’re just southeast of the mountain. The foothill valleys hide it for a moment more. And then the silhouette will whisper to your eyes – ancient temple. But, you get closer and the uncut rock, steep sides and miniature pine hanging on shift in to focus.

Going up is easy at first. Soon it gets steeper but the path you found is well travelled so you keep climbing, sweaty and stopping to catch your breath. It’s vague at first, but you soon realize, you feel..hear?.. something else.

Old wisdom sung by the leaves, moss and earth. It feels like you have heard it before.

Old Wisdom in Tornevalley, by Elin Laaksonen

** June **

Only 2 spots remain for Custom Commissions.

A few spots for Graphic Design : 3-fold Pamphlet, E-book, Postcard, stickers etc.

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