Being a SpoonWarrior means needing lots of rest. So I honored my body’s need. It’s a very new, somewhat wobbly habit that I practice whenever I remember. So, every other month…ish. But, I am determined to succeed. To make it solid. A part of the daily. A natural part. it ironically until it feels real and you forget that you were ironic in the first place.

My default setting seems to be laserfocused (and feeling lost at the same time). But after napping for most of Sunday I felt..blank. There was no words. No plans. No next thing to remember or do. Just. Blank. Not even lost. Just there.

I rarely allow myself to exist there for too long. It’s too peaceful and easy to remain. And things doesn’t get done. And they need to. (or do they? Hm I will think on this)


Today I am back at it and shared about the coloring pages I made last week. I was super nervous to share the coloring pages at first. Fear of being perceived and judged. But the more I talked about them (still haven’t figured out what to call them to give a condensed vibe of what they are) the more at ease I felt.

Note to self: “It is okay to take up space and talk about the things I love”

I had hoped to publish my Inner Child coloring book on Amazon so people could order a paperback – but it turned out I needed more pages. So, while I’m working on them I shared the 10 first pages with my Patreons as their monthly download.

The first tier the Main Character Familiars got the 3 first pages and the Main Character Scolars got the full 10.

I asked them which one was their favorite and I’m excited to see what they say 😁😁😁 it’s so hard to choose 😅

And I dusted off my newsletter and Tomorrow my dear subscribers a free coloring page they can download, print and colour. I asked them, if they do – please share a picture of it with me, I’d love to see it! (Instagram

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Alright, until next time,

Sparkle On!


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