I used to get so stuck drawing the same thing over and over (feels safe). And for the longest time I saw no progress – I was drawing and drawing and Not improving. It was so frustrating.

*fast-forward to now*

The lack of progress was because I rarely drew. I thought about drawing so much, but had “more important things to do

(Note to self:

subconscious conditioning: it feels so good to draw, it’s flow & body/brain gets dopamine = happy chemicals that helps us feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation, I get lost in it, body/brain thirsts for the chemicals the wonky biomechanical pathways doesn’t quite deliver otherwise. So need a lot of time before I’m able to yank myself out of it and shift to something else. So I rarely did it, there was never “enough time”)

I thought about it so much I thought I had drawn. But I hadn’t. So, no progress.

Try it Thursday

I want to make sure that I at least once a week try something new. This is my permission to do and see what happens. To just start.

This is one of my notes. I been writing all the thoughts down (not sure if I’ll manage to empty my head of all thoughts but will for sure give it ago).

And for fun, because I really need want to practice using colour I made a small colour palette from a picture I posted today and really like 🙂

My brain is trying to choose from: a digital graphic with the above text “SpoonWarrior – a kickass individual who’s Energy runs on unknown number of spoons” meme, sketch of spoonwarrior character, photography self-portrait.

My Old beliefs ( the more exceptional + results I produce = more worth I have) also tried to convince me that we need to im-med-iate-ly create all three (make sure they’re perfect and master pieces ), stay up as long as needed, don’t eat or drink until done so we can post right away.

*Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Hold. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Hold. Inhale. Hold. Exhale.Hold.*

Gentle reminder. New belief. I have value. Rest is sacred. (treat yourself like you would a rescue cat, with lots of gentle patient, love and compassion. Yes, really.)

So, we’ll do it tomorrow. Now sleep. Tomorrow A quick sketch. Try out some ideas

If you feel inspired to join me remember to tag me (IG: @elin.sparkle.on.graphics) or share here in the comments so I can see it too <3

Until next time, Sparkle On!


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