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Elin & Sparkle On Graphics

My name is Elin “Sparkles” Laaksonen, I’m a Visual Artist exploring what Art looks like when you’re trying to fall Madly in Love with yourself.

I combine digital & traditional art with traditional handicraft from northern Sweden.

I’m a Swedish Tornedalian living on Turtle Island, Treaty 6 (Alberta, Canada)


Digital & Traditional handicraft, art

The Notebook a.k.a blog

This is where I excavate treasures and talk to myself (and you, if you comment)

I sat down and opened Photoshop 30 minutes ago. I was just staring at the blank page while my mind tried to back up enough to find the appropriate place to star the book. It’s been a month since I declared that my children’s book will […]
The Main Character Journey begins with Emotions I just wanted to get better at drawing and have good reference photos, I didn’t expect taking self-portraits of different expressions would help me fall Madly in love. With myself. Or that I would like it. But I do. […]
A sunset stroll through the gardens at Camrose Train Museum. It’s such a magical place, the old building, the colourful gardens and the gnomes living their best life. Here are a few of my favourite shots 🙂 Let me know, which one is your favourite. No […]

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