I sat down and opened Photoshop 30 minutes ago. I was just staring at the blank page while my mind tried to back up enough to find the appropriate place to star the book.

It’s been a month since I declared that my children’s book will be done by December 13th.

I have written…nothing.

Yes, it’s 11 years ago I started it. So I have a lot of material.

But there are huge chunks missing. The story doesn’t quite want to come together.

So, a month ago I said I would write and publish it.

But. Well. I have been so very busy though.

With things that suddenly felt very important to get done. Other things I have been putting off.

*sighs in Procrastinating Perfectionism*

It just occurred to me now though:

My neurodivergent brain loves to get all the details, a bottom-up approach. So, when I can’t get started it’s usually because I don’t understand what the “label”/”vibe”/”lense” to see through.

I think I know where I need to start.

World- Building

I need to set the scene, build the world.

Ha! Now I understand why I have been seeing caves, portals and trees. I know what I need to do!

Stay tuned!

Until next time,

Sparkle On!


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