With the new year fast approaching I was thinking about this the other day. When we set out to start something new, like a new habit, we expect – well I at least – expect myself to preform the end goal result right away. Like I jump from never done it to expecting being able to do it 100%.

Like going to the gym – I jump from Not doing it to expecting myself to be able to do 3 hours a week. And after like 2 times I’m so sore and hurting everywhere that I end up not going for 2 weeks. And feel like a failure.

The strategy failed, I’m not a faliure.

It’s taken me a long time to figure this one out. I was so sure it was me, that I was the faliure.

But I’ve learned. And now I remind myself to rewire my brain “The strategy failed. I can pick a new one”.

And now I know that the way to do it is baby steps.

What’s the smallest version? It’s usually just show up. To work on the habit of showing up for myself. And then when that’s somewhat consistent to start doing the thing.

This blog.

At the beginning of the month I was pumped and excited and so dang sure I’d be able to write every day in this blog. Now looking at the reality of things I have not written every day. But I have written a lot of days. Which is a big step from where I was at when I started. So yay me *happy wiggle*

What I call in for 2024

Intentional. That’s the word & vibe for next year. Doing things with intention.

I am working on feeling more comfortable with the idea that we only have a limited number of days, a limited number of choices, a limited number of energy and it matters what we do with it. How we spend it. And this coming year I want to be more intentional with it.

What are you calling in for next year?

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