With the new year fast approaching I was thinking about this the other day. When we […]
I used to get so stuck drawing the same thing over and over (feels safe). And […]
Two things can be true. But I am very tired of my brain right now. I […]
I don’t think we fully understand how much shame we carry with us. We’re so used […]
As I wrote that headline I kinda realized that my hope and expectation was “one cry […]
When I feel, it’s never just a trickle, I get swept away, consumed by a tsunami […]
I didn’t share my blog post from yesterday. I felt too naked and exposed. Like I […]
The thing I have been avoiding by always making sure I’m in motion and never pausing. […]
I stayed up way longer than I should have. Every single night. Even though I swore […]
I’m not sure when I adapted the belief that I have to predict the future and […]