The Main Character Journey

The concept of the Main Character Journey started because I was an artist too afraid of being an artist. The imposter syndrome was quite loud but something within whispered “please try anyways”. I could feel that there was a story that needed to be told. So, I drew myself as a comic and became the Main Character.

In an unexpected turn of events I went from feeling Lost and exhausted to living a Life that Feels good (most of the time) and now my mission is to help everyone spark & embrace their Main Character Energy.

This is for you if:

  • Are Creative in any capacity
  • SpoonWarrior with low energy
  • Can’t get all the Life pieces to work at the same time
  • like comics/graphic novels
  • like dragons and undead unicorns – well all magical creatures really
  • want to be a Main Character (it’s ok, we’re supposed to be)

It is Monthly subscription for side-kicks ready to level up to Main Character.

I will not gatekeep the secret behind the Main Character Journey.

You just have to get started. Start doing things you love and get to know yourself. Do that and you will become the Main character in your life.

If you tried that already and would like some guidance, join us.

Free membership – Learn to Feel Like A Main Character

Main Character Familiar – Learn to take photos & look like a Main Character

Main Character Scholar – Learn to live like a Main Character

I will be Your Guide, if you so choose:

My name is Elin a.k.a Sparkles,

I’m a Swedish Tornedalian living on Turtle Island, Treaty 6 (Canada, Alberta).

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